Do any of these sound familiar?

"Your organization has continually shifting priorities that derail your teams from delivering"
"Your team is Scrum-ish"
"Your team doesn’t inspect and adapt frequently. What are retrospectives again?"
"Your team roles aren’t defined, causing confusion about who does what"
"Your organization doesn’t have any Scrum Masters or Product Owners"
"Your teams struggle to make decisions"
"Your organization has continually shifting priorities that derail your teams from delivering"
"Agile is seen as an “IT thing” and not applied organization-wide"
"We have a lack of transparency with our teams, our organization and our customers"
"We can’t develop our new product because we are spending so much time on maintenance and support issues"

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Learning Agile and Applying Agile are two very different things.

It’s simple to memorize the Scrum Guide and earn a Certification. But understanding Agile and how to apply it to your world is where the magic really happens. When you become Agile, you change your business, change your culture, and discover a whole new way of working—from how you manage a project to how you lead an organization.
Over her 15 years in Agile Training and Coaching, ARCLight Agile Founder Kate Megaw has found one thing that gives her more satisfaction than anything else. She calls it the “AHA Moment.” She describes it as the moment when she sees a student or coaching client’s lightbulb go on. It’s a moment of clarity. It’s when someone has a breakthrough and realizes the real possibilities that come from Agile.

AHA Moment.” It’s when a student or coaching client’s lightbulb turns on. It’s a moment of clarity. It’s when someone has a breakthrough and realizes the real possibilities that come from Agile.

Now as ARCLight Agile, Kate’s unique approach to applied Agility, combined with her 15 years of real-world experience put her in a unique position to deliver AHA moments as she teaches individuals, teams, and organizations how to truly BE Agile instead of just doing Agile.
Agile training for your organization

ARCLight Agile Services


As a Certified Scrum Training Organization, ARCLight Agile is proud to offer every Scrum Alliance Certified Training. Offered as both private and public class options, ARCLight delivers every class you need from core Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®)classes to advanced classes such as Advanced-Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM®) and Cettified Scrum Professional Scrum Master (CSP-SM®). And while we love training all certifications, ARCLight Agile specializes in developing Agile Leaders. We’re one of the very few training organizations that focuses on delivering Certified Agile Leader 1 (CAL 1) and Certified Agile Leader 2 (CAL 2).

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Through Personalized Coaching, ARCLight Agile helps teams on their journey to empowerment and collaboration, to achieve faster decision making and therefore a focus on customers and their rapidly changing needs. ARCLight Agile helps leaders throughout the organization create a more agile approach to leadership that encourages innovation, flexibility and empowered teams, allowing organizations to achieve their purpose.

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With her unusual Scottish/Irish/American accent and finely honed communication and presentation abilities, complemented by her energy and enthusiasm, ARCLight founder, Kate Megaw is a popular speaker at events. She is a motivator and encourager and is happiest when she breaks through to a client and leads them to the ‘AHA’ moment.

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Client testimonials

I like the breakout sessions. As Kate mentioned in the beginning, it’s not death by power point. The group work keeps the class very engaging

Renee (NE)

I thought Kate was great about bringing in real world examples to help solidify the material

Tammy (VA)

This was an exceptional class and I wish our senior- and C-level management took it as well

Rich (MA)

ARCLight Agile provided a refreshing approach to consulting and training for our organization. They met us where we were and helped us on our path to Agile without being dogmatic in their approach!

Client name / date

I enjoyed how the class was broken up into instruction, activities, and Q/A. It allowed the class to flow without feeling overwhelming

Ben (WI)

I normally am not a fan of “virtual” trainings, however, the organization with this course and the way it was conducted made it engaging and kept my attention despite the fact that there was no physical presence

Tony (WI)

Kate is an excellent instructor who not only knows the material, but also how to effectively use online tools to present the materials

Teddy (CO)

There were so many take-aways! Taking the time to write out AHA moments for each module was super helpful in remembering…so I’ve gotten them all written down. Keep up that practice!

Robin (CO)

Kate Megaw is an absolute Rock Star! Her course was filled with great material and great activities to further grasp concepts.


Lots of collaboration and great real-world examples. Pace was good and Kate was a great facilitator – kept it interesting and fun!

Graham (CT)

Huge shoutout to Kate for adapting to a virtual experience due to Covid-19. I thought she did a wonderful job!


BEST EVER training! You rocked the virtual training!

Robin (CO)

The class was fun, interactive and very informative. There were ample opportunities for the class members to ask questions and share experiences. Kate provided a lot of good tips throughout the course on how we could apply the material in our jobs. She also included examples of how to apply them for technical and non-technical jobs. Kate is an awesome instructor !


Hands down, the single best training course I have taken in my 18 years of professional work.


Kate is an excellent instructor and the course materials and tools were expertly tailored to the course. I enjoyed both what we learned and how we learned it.


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